About us

With more than 50 years experience, we are among the most experienced in safety work with manual work-techniques. We have not only been a part of this process, but leading the development in several areas,as chainsaws, logging equipment, working techniques, education, training skills, forestry techniques and safety-work chiefly.

We have also been advisers and coo-workers during the process of development of the project ”Säker Skog” program of education, ”driving-license for chainsaws”.

We educate everyone whom is interested to become safer and more efficient in operating the chain-saw and the clearing-saw.

We have educated thousands of forest workers, both in Sweden and International and we promise that we can help you in the best way.

We are the best in what we do! We adapt out training to the customers needs, and can give you certificates according to the ”Säker Skog” standards for driving license if you like.

With this as a background it is a pleasure to show you this new product, the ”Throw-saw” This product will develop the safety work, and hopefully help people to stay far away from hazardous situations.



With our long experience in safety work in hazardous and dangerous situations as our background, we have developed a totally new concept.

A ”throw-saw”, that makes it possible to cut a leaning or broken tree, a tree under hard tension or a tree which has fallen on a power-line.

All without taking any risks and at the same time working with good ergonomics. And the unique feature, to be able to cut on the pressure-side.

The business-idea with this company is to supply the highest possible level of training in practical forestry-operations.

Foremost we concentrate our knowledge where manual cutting techniques for future forest quality are needed.

The education also contents development of the students personality, Biological necessities for the future forest, Environmental care and Sound economical structure in forestry.

Svante Hansson 
Responsible for development and work-techniques
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